Cutting edge technology
Join us to work on cutting edge projects developing next generation technology and brain-computer interfaces
About Us

We're a student-led organization at the University of California, Davis.

Our mission is to facilitate the advancement and awareness of neurotechnology by providing undergraduates with the opportunity to foster skills in this industry. We aim to accomplish this through BCI projects, collaborative work with neuroscience faculty, neurotech events, and more!


Neurotech@Davis is composed of a diverse pool of members.

Our members come from backgrounds in computer science, cognitive science, electrical engineering, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering. We welcome everyone to attend our general meetings. Individuals who are willing and able to commit 4 hours per week or more are invited to apply to join one of our core divisions.


Keep up to date with our research on Medium and Youtube.


Browse through our diverse set of publications covering all aspects of neurotechnology, ranging from the neurological basis of creativity all the way to improving athletic importance with TMS.


Follow our Youtube channel for videos from the Neurotech@Davis team, analyzing the science behind how BCIs work and a technical analysis of EEG data and signal processing.

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