We're a student-led organization at the University of California, Davis.

Our mission is to facilitate the advancement and awareness of neurotechnology by providing undergraduates with the opportunity to foster skills in this industry. We aim to accomplish this through BCI projects, collaborative work with neuroscience faculty, neurotech events, and more.


Neurotechnology broadly refers to any system that establishes a direct connection between the nervous system and an external electronic device.

Neural Interfaces, also called Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs), have been used for applications ranging from prosthetics to thought based control of drones. Ongoing research efforts are underway at companies and university labs across the world to explore further applications of this technology. To learn more about these concepts and their applications, follow us on our publishing platforms.

Club Organization

Neurotech@Davis is an affiliate member of NeurotechX and the NeurotechX Student Clubs Initiative.

International Reach

NeurotechX connects researchers and enthusiasts from across the world to promote innovation in the field.


NeurotechX organizes an annual compeition which all affiliate members may participate in.


We collaborate with other affiliate clubs, including CRUX at UCLA, and we hope to connect with more universities.

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