Neurotech@Davis is composed of a diverse group of members

Our members come from backgrounds in computer science, cognitive science, electrical engineering, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering. We welcome everyone to attend our general meetings. Individuals who are willing and able to commit 4 hours per week or more are invited to apply to join one of our core divisions.

Club Divisions

Neurotech@Davis includes two club divisions which operate as self contained units within the organization to advance our vision.

These divisions operate in addition to general meetings and activities which are open to the entire UC Davis community. Membership into a division requires additional time commitment and is contingent on need and relevant skills.

Projects Division

The Projects group is responsible for designing and engineering new neural interface projects to demonstrate the capabilities of this technology, while providing a learning opportunity to students.

Research Division

The Research group provides high quality content to our community exploring the latest topics in neurotechnology, computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and neuroethics.

Outreach Division

Our Outreach group organizes events and maintains relationships to promote our organization, and neurotechnology at large, within our community.

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